Frequently Asked Questions

Most Certainly, all payments are securely processed through payfast, we also accept many forms of payment such as instant eft, credit card and more... 

Our products are completely natural. We manufacture using only the highest quality vegetable oils and butters.

Our products are chemical, preservative, and synthetic free.

Yes. It's perfectly safe for sensitive skin. All of our ingredients are locally sourced, free from chemicals, preservatives, synthetic surfactants and artificial additives.

Our Client Reviews

  • Having been a client since it’s establishment, I can attest to the fact that Serenity never disappoints. I always feel like a little girl who just got her favorite toy when I leave the store.
    The founder Anisha Jugdeo is an absolute angel and her serene demeanor compliments the beautiful fragrances and precious little treasures in the store. Being an aromatherapy enthusiast, visiting Serenity is like entering aromatherapy heaven.
    The product quality is second to none. Especially the essential oils, the variety of bath and foot soaks as well as burner crystals. These being just a fraction of what’s on offer.
    I was overjoyed when I learnt about the online shopping opportunity during the Covid 19 lockdown period. However, I have to admit, experiencing Serenity physically is still the best.
    Thank you so much Anisha for the excellent service. Continue the great work of healing mind, body and soul naturally. ❤️

    Shirl @_eSenseShirl Health and Beauty

  • Serenity products, Fragrance oil, soap and bath salts is the best, it’s worth every penny. Love it 😊

    Gwendolene Grieger

  • I want to say thank you to Serenity in Plumstead, for having the best range of Aromatherapy oils with amazing results. For the professional manner in which you welcome me into your shop, the warmth of the place with its beautiful smells of all the different crystals you can buy too burn. For always updating us on your new arrivals. The soaps that moisture and leave your skin feeling beautiful.

    Jean Biggins

  • Serenity’s products are so organic and great for my skin, I have had ABS suffered with acne all my life and I now refuse to use any other product!! The foot products will literally help soothe pain in your feet. I’ll never buy commercial products again

    Leigh Naude

  • I have been Serenity’s face cream and eye balm for around 3months now and have seen huge improvements. I suffer from rosacea and eczema which leaves me with dry and red skin. Since using Serenity’s products I have had zero eczema flares and my completion has improved drastically. I was reliant on using lip balm and face cream several times a day and now I only use Serenity’s products in the morning and at night. I honestly recommend this cream over any other cream and I have used many. The face cream does not make me sweat, it absorbs well into the skin and allows me to apply makeup over it very easily.

    Helen Slater

  • The Serenity product is a product worth spending ones money on. I love the fact that it natural. I cannot choose one as a favorite although I buy the essential oils the most. The Serenity bath salts has a luxurious smell which entice the nostrils. Their products make for great gift ideas. It has an expensive appearance yet pocket friendly. I also love the packaging and every time I buy a Serenity product I gift myself with the richness of the product. It also helps that the owner knows her product like a mother knows her child. 😃.

    Jeanette Stoffels